Traceability & Quality Assurance

Traceability and quality assurance are essential components of the wine production process. Producing quality wine is a tenant of sustainable wine production. Quality control and due diligence throughout the production process helps mitigate hazards and risks and helps ensure the product is safe and of a desired quality standard. Adherence to a quality assurance scheme provides customer reassurance about the product’s safety. Both control and assurance are important for consumer product confidence which in turn supports the economic sustainability of the business.
All products involved in the wine production process should be fully traceable so it is possible to establish their history, application or location, i.e. where they are from and where they went. Traceability provides product integrity, supports quality assurance, and supports practices required to comply with legal requirements about record keeping in the food supply chain. As with quality control, traceability supports a product standard (legal and producer driven) and provides consumer confidence, supporting the business’s economic sustainability.

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