2. Quality assurance

Having documented procedures will add clarity to, and understanding of, production procedures regarding quality control, risk management, employee responsibilities, and processes for managing health and safety breaches. Being able to provide a consumer with a quality assured product has distinct economic and marketing advantages but also provides the producer with a process of analysing the production model and identifying improvement opportunities and potential costs savings.

Best Practice

Adhere to external quality assurance and management standards such as ISO 9001.

Best Practice

Have an external quality assurance auditor undertake a company audit.

Best Practice

Adopt a quality assurance approach to winemaking where each step of the wine production process is analysed, and hazard and control points are established.

Minimum Standard

Have a product safety plan that identifies due diligence required during stages of production.

Minimum Standard

A documented action plan must be in place to deal with the event of a product safety risk.