About the guidelines

The guidelines were initially established through sustainability forums, run by WineSkills, and advertised on the WineSkills website. These events reviewed the guidelines from 14 different sustainable wine production schemes and other sustainability initiatives from throughout the world. Delegates, experts and technical committee members then selected those that they considered useful and amended and tailored them for application in the UK. New guidelines were also developed. The forums were open to all UK wine producers and involved subject experts and members of the technical committees.


The guidelines will be reviewed and revised in future WineSkills workshops and through requests to the technical committees. Requests by producers for alterations or additions to the guidelines should be emailed to info@wineskills.co.uk.


Help in implementing the guidelines can be requested by producers in the form of training courses or through the WineSkills mentoring scheme. Requests can be made by following the link on any of the guideline pages.


Resources that support the guidelines and their implementation will be added to the WineSkills website on an on-going basis.