It is best to plant rooted cuttings as early as possible, but it is important to wait until the spring frost risks are over and to be able to prepare the ground effectively. If the plants are delivered before they are due to be planted, they must be protected from drying out by keeping them in a dark, cool place, either in the plastic bags in which they were delivered, or in buckets of water.
Potted plants can be planted as late as July.

Planting by hand

After cultivation, plant the supporting stakes, unless plastic mulching is used. Supporting stakes can be bamboo canes or chestnut/treated softwood droppers if the young vines are to be cultivated.

If the ground is well-prepared, the young plants can be pushed into a slit made by a spade, but it is usually best to dig a hole. This hole can be dug by a spade or a planter, and should be deep enough to hold the graft union out of the soil. The plant’s roots may need trimming to fit the hole.

The plant should be placed well against the stake (south or windward side) and fine earth placed around its roots. Watering in is recommended, particularly for potted plants.

Machine planting

Planting machines are usually tractor-trailed and often laser guided. Their rate of success is even more dependent on the quality of the soil preparation than hand-planting.