Site Evaluation

The climate of a vineyard should be evaluated on three different levels:

  Influenced by
The macroclimate: that of the region or county.
  • Geographical location
  • Temperature summation
  • Dominant winds
  • Sunshine
  • Rainfall
The mesoclimate: that of the area, field or farm.
  • Aspect
  • Altitude
  • Wind exposure
  • Frost susceptibility
  • Proximity to seas, lakes, rivers, towns or forests.
The microclimate: that immediately around and within the plant's leaf canopy.
  • Row spacings
  • Row direction
  • Trellis system
  • Soil type and drainage
  • Plant management techniques

In turn, making a detailed assessment of a site's potential for growing vines will help the vine-grower to make decisions on:

  • The choice of cultivars grown
  • The pruning and training methods
  • Other cultural practices, such as soil management
  • The expected returns from the venture