Dr Michel Salques

Dr Michel Salques, Sparkling Wine Production Mentor

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There are currently no mentor visits planned for Dr Michel Salques. To enquire about arranging a visit, please email info@wineskills.co.uk.

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Winemaker and Ingénieur Agronome with 19 years experience developing and producing one of the USA’s premier sparkling wines and 8 years as an international consultant for diverse and innovative wine-production projects.
With 13 years in higher education, has published more than 25 scientific and technical papers, owns and has participated in the research for patents, which have been successfully applied in France, Italy, the U.S. and Tunisia. Fields of specialisation include pectins, juice oxidation, colour extraction, quality control, sparkling wines, production processes and filtration.

Michel currently works a consultant providing expert advice in developing viticultural and wine production projects in England, Turkey, the U.S. and Venezuela.