The influence of packaging on wine conservation

R. Ghidossi, C. Poupot, C. Thibon, A. Pons, P. Darriet, L. Riquier, G. De Revel, M.

Wine quality : tasting and selection illustrated edition

"The Blackwell Food Industry Briefing Series" devised to increase the effectiveness and efficiency with which knowledge can be gained of the many subject areas that constitute the food industry, an

Wine production : vine to bottle

As part of the Blackwell Food Industry Briefing Series this important book provides a concise, easy-to-use, quick reference aimed at busy food and beverage industry professionals, students and othe

Speciality Wines

This issue concentrates on the history and current production practices unique to the specialty wines.

Sensory evaluation practices - 4th Edition

Understanding "what" consumers want and "why" are two of the most significant hurdles faced by any business creating products for consumers.


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