Molecular Wine Microbiology

Microbiology has long been recognized as a key tool in studying wine production, however only more recently has that study been conducted at a molecular level, increasing the understanding of how m

Enological Chemistry

"Enological Chemistry" is written for the professional enologist tasked with finding the right balance of compounds to create or improve wine products.

Wine and Spirits Global Insights - Monday, July 16 - 2012

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Winery Health and Safety

Wednesday, 5 September, 2012
Location name: 
Hambledon Vineyard

Pinot noir: factors influncing aroma and flavour

Wednesday, 27 June, 2012
Location name: 
Aldwick Court Farm and Vineyard

Dr Michel Salques

Winemaker and Ingénieur Agronome with 19 years experience developing and producing one of the USA’s premier sparkling wines and 8 years as an international consultant for diverse and innovative wine-production projects.


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