WineSkills would like to thank the following experts for their involvement in developing the sustainability guidelines:

Dr. Uwe Hofmann (Soil Management & Vine Nutrition), Dr. Richard Smart (Vine training & Crop Management), Chris Foss (Integrated Pest Management), Prof. Steve Wratten (Conservation, Biodiversity & Ecosystem Management), Dr. Mervyn Smyth (Energy Efficiency), Hilary Waller (People Management).

Using the Guidelines

The sustainability guidelines have been developed through a series of forums involving producers, experts and technical committee members.

There are three categories of guidelines:

Participating in the sustainability initiative

The initiative entails guidelines, supporting material and training courses, designed for those wanting to produce wine in a more sustainable manner. Using the guidelines is voluntary; there is no accreditation scheme as yet. Please feel free to use the guidelines if you wish to. If you do, we would very much value your feedback, either by contacting us through this website, or by joining a technical committee and helping to review and agree the guidelines.

Technical Committees

There are 3 technical committees; The Vineyard Technical Committee; The Winemaking Technical Committee; and, The Business Technical Committee. They are made up of experienced professionals working in the UK wine industry.


About the guidelines

The guidelines were initially established through sustainability forums, run by WineSkills, and advertised on the WineSkills website. These events reviewed the guidelines from 14 different sustainable wine production schemes and other sustainability initiatives from throughout the world. Delegates, experts and technical committee members then selected those that they considered useful and amended and tailored them for application in the UK. New guidelines were also developed.

WineSkills Sustainability Initiative

The WineSkills sustainability initiative aims to support UK wine producers who wish to produce wine more sustainably, in particular, those who wish to:

Sustainability FAQ

What is the IOBC as it relates to the sustainability initiative? The IOBC is the International Organization for the Biological and Integrated Control of Noxious Animals and Plants. This organisation sets the protocols from which the sustainability initiative draws some of its guidelines. WineSkills has not applied for endorsement from the IOBC. This international endorsement would prove compliance to GLOBALGAP standards, a recognised and highly regarded standard for agricultural production.



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