4. Spraying and spray equipment

Maintaining spray equipment, monitoring the amount of spray applied to ensure desired levels are maintained, minimising waste through calibration, and use of spray equipment in suitable conditions has clear cost benefits and minimises any environmental impact.

Best Practice

Use recyclable sprayers where possible to reduce drift and waste.

Minimum Standard

Spray equipment service records are kept.

Minimum Standard

Have a sprayer maintenance plan containing the following components: cleaning, filters, pump, control unit, pressure gauge, nozzles, the boom, the PTO, the boom tube and hoses, and rust prevention.

Minimum Standard

Records are kept of every spray application and include site, date, target pest, pesticide and quantity, crop stage, harvest date, application method, spray volume, weather observations, and precautions followed.

Minimum Standard

Atomisers should be equipped with a stop drop system on nozzles.