Sustainability FAQ

What is the IOBC as it relates to the sustainability initiative? The IOBC is the International Organization for the Biological and Integrated Control of Noxious Animals and Plants. This organisation sets the protocols from which the sustainability initiative draws some of its guidelines. WineSkills has not applied for endorsement from the IOBC. This international endorsement would prove compliance to GLOBALGAP standards, a recognised and highly regarded standard for agricultural production.


How does the WineSkills Sustainability Initiative link with the UKVA Sustainability Work? WineSkills and the UKVA sustainability group work closely with the joint objective of creating a sustainable wine production industry in the UK. The UKVA sustainability group has commissioned The Lawrence Gould Partnership to establish a sustainability baseline for the industry by benchmarking current practices. The results of this study will help identify areas where support, training and research can be used to further develop sustainable practices within the UK industry. To find out more about how they work together please view the joint working statement.


The UKVA policy statement on sustainability can be accessed from the UKVA website.